How to make your bed look and feel like 5 stars!

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Creating the perfect bed doesn't have to cost a fortune but you definitely don't want to skimp either. There's been so much talk in the past about thread count, what type of cotton,etc. While I do look at these details, honestly I just feel and touch everything. If it's a

800 thread count egyptian cotton imported from some fancy Paris mill and it doesn't feel good when I touch it, I sure as heck don't want to sleep on it. Trust your sense of touch and not what the item description says.

Trust you sense of touch. If it doesn't feel good I'm sure as heck not going to sleep on it!

Updated: Nov 5, 2018

Layering your rugs has become increasingly popular in the past year or so. I have to admit, at first I didn't really understand the idea. But the more I saw it, the more I loved it. And now I'm on the hunt for a couple of rugs to layer in our master bedroom. So I thought I would take you along on this journey with me. So buckle up and let's get started.

1. The foundation rug: For me personally I'm looking for a natural fiber, neutral in color type of rug. I try to get keep them fairly simple with very little pattern. Pick a size that is 1-2 sizes bigger than your top rug. You will want the foundation rug to peek out under the top rug. Here are my options

Left to Right

Safavieh Natural Rug NuLoom Handwoven Fringed rug

NuLoom Natural Hand woven Rigo Jute Rug

2. Next is the fun part. This is where your creative side can shine. Make sure the size is 1-2 times smaller then the foundation rug. I'm after a rug that has a little navy blue, maybe some aqua and some gray added in. Easy right? This is what I found:

From left to right

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